Nebraska Football Sports Reference (2024)

1. Nebraska Cornhuskers School History

  • Passing

  • Check out the Nebraska Cornhuskers College Football History, Stats, Records, Polls, Bowls and More College Football Stats at

2. Nebraska Cornhuskers Men's Basketball School History

  • 2017-18 · 2018-19 · 2023-24 · Polls

  • Check out the Nebraska Cornhuskers College Basketball History, Stats, Records, Polls, Leaders and More College Basketball Stats at

3. College Football Stats, History, Scores, Standings, Schedule & Records

  • Nebraska Cornhuskers · Schools · 2018 College Football Leaders · Players

  • Complete source for college football history including player, school, and conference stats, awards, records, leaders, scores and more about College Football at

4. Football - University of Nebraska - Official Athletics Website

  • The Official Athletic Site of the University of Nebraska, partner of WMT Digital. The most comprehensive coverage of the University of Nebraska on the web ...

  • The Official Athletic Site of the University of Nebraska, partner of WMT Digital. The most comprehensive coverage of the University of Nebraska on the web with rosters, schedules, scores, highlights, game recaps and more!

5. Nebraska-Omaha Alumni Pro Stats -

6. Anthony Grant College Stats, School, Draft, Gamelog, Splits

  • Schedule a call to walk us through how you use the Sports Reference sites. Photo of Anthony Grant. Anthony Grant. Schools: Florida State, Nebraska. Position: RB.

  • Check out Anthony Grant's College Stats, School, Draft, Gamelog, Splits and More College Stats at

7. Nebraska Football: 12 teams the Huskers never defeated

  • Jan 6, 2024 · The dirty dozen, 12 football teams that Nebraska has played and never defeated. The list in question comes from Sports Reference and only ...

  • There are many highs and lows when it comes to being a fan of Nebraska football.

8. Notre Dame Joe -

  • - Nebraska Cornhuskers Message Board ... ... 487 replies · Notre Dame Joe · *** ...

9. October, 17th 1942 - The day four different college football teams only ...

  • Apr 17, 2023 · I began to dig and sort through the depths of ... football history. A fateful day where four ... Nebraska was not much of a ...

  • Commish here, if you’ve followed us long enough on our main twitter account, you know we’re absolutely fascinated with the safety. It’s the one thing we really promise to deliver to you at anytime on our Sickos Committee twitter account. We tweet out “SAFETY ALERT” anytime we see a safety occur because we just love them so much and they are the rarest o…

10. Nebraska Football Ultimate Quarterback Bracket - Corn Nation

  • Apr 28, 2020 · (Sports stats). -—————————. 3) Turner Gill – 3:1 TD:Int ratio, trigger man for The Scoring Explosion ( bio) v 14 ...

  • The more we tried to analyze these seedings, the harder it got to figure out

11. Nebraska Closing Arguments 2023: Hope is really all we have left

  • Aug 24, 2023 · NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports. In a world where we are forced to suspend disbelief around every ...

  • In which we make the case for the 23 Cornhuskers being more fun than they have been, or at least we hope so.

12. 2024 Chris jones pro football reference Height Jones

  • 6 hours ago · ... Sports Reference Social Media Account. ... football reference eagles all ... nebraska cornhuskers draft draft detroit ...

13. Where Should The Big Ten Expand Next? We Crunched The Numbers.

  • Aug 25, 2022 · Recent football performance (3x multiplier): The football program's performance over the past 20 years according to's SRS ...

  • Which schools should the Big Ten poach next?

14. Jon Johnston: Fire Scott Frost! - F@#$ everything! "There is no hope!"

  • Oct 30, 2021 · Nebraska Cornhuskers College Football History, Stats, Records | College Football at Check out ...

  • You heard it here. Jon Johnston of Corn Nation is "throwing a bucket of sh*t!" tirade. "Bryce Benhart doesn't block for sh*t!" I am so glad the Gophers did not waste any energy on him when he shunned the Gophers.

15. 2024 Penn st vs nebraska 1979 prices to -

  • 4 hours ago · ... games november university state football history university nebraska cocaine footagedo cigarettes. s-23:31 -d10:6:2024xjjjjjjkkkks. 2024-06 ...

16. Did Sherrone Moore tease a Michigan football commitment?

  • 1 day ago · The defensive lineman is ranked No. 236 overall in the 2025 class according to the 247 Sports composite rankings. Williams is supposed to take ...

  • Sherrone Moore sent out a positive tweet on Sunday and it feels like Michigan football just landed a commitment.

17. Direct Line Between Closing the Mills and Decline of Pitt Football

  • Oct 11, 2020 · Not really. They haven't won 10 games since 2011. Pretty meh in fact. West Virginia Mountaineers College Football ...

  • Important article attached. Since 1980 and 1990, City of Pittsburgh lost 30% of population. From 1980 - Present greater area has shrunk from 1.8MM - 1.7MM and aging. A lot. In the period from 1982 - Present, Pitt has had every variety of coach imaginable. The results have been anywhere from...

18. 2024 Iowa football reference Ten, king -

  • 9 hours ago · players stats hawkeyes includes statistics scoring passing ; league “waived” refers cutting. sports reference ; boilermakers ncaaf november ...

19. The "College Game Goodness Index" | Sports Analytics Group at Berkeley

  • Sep 11, 2018 · Using publicly available data from Sports Reference, Athlon Sports ... Nebraska, in their first game in years. Our ... Every football (soccer) fan ...

  • As I was watching Arizona State's upset of Michigan State over the weekend, I began to ponder if this was the best game of the season so far. Obviously, any game where a highly ranked team loses on a last second field goal is going to have been a pretty good game, but I was curious if this was better than some of the other games of the week. For instance, the Colorado-Nebraska and Clemson-Texas A&M Games were also very close and I wondered if there was a someone objective way to identify which game had the highest entertainment value. I couldn't find anything, so I made one.

20. AP | Page 2 | Forum

  • Aug 16, 2023 · ... football and NCAA sports as a whole. Not ... If you count Nebraska ... Iowa Hawkeyes Men's Basketball AP Poll History | College Basketball at Sports ...

  • Getting bitch slapped by stanford should eliminate any puffy chest you have for the team that was a yard away from the playoffs. We may have gotten into the playoffs in an incredibly weak b10 that year, but it would have resulted into “who doesn’t belong in this picture”. I don't disagree that...

Nebraska Football Sports Reference (2024)


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