Probe intensifies in beating death of 13-month-old (2024)

Probe intensifies in beating death of 13-month-old (2)

Crime scene tape has been removed but the investigation isongoing in the brutal beating death of 13-month-old Amora BainCarson.

Blaine Keith Milam and Jessica Carson, both 18 of Henderson,remain jailed on $2 million bonds each for what seasonedauthorities are describing as the “worst case of child murder theyhave seen.”

“After seeing the crime scene, I couldn't sleep that night,”said Lt. Reynold Humber of the Rusk County Sheriff's Office. “In my30 years of law enforcement, I have seen some things, but that wasthe worst of all of them.”

Police responded to a 9-1-1 call reporting a baby was notbreathing from a home located at 1317 County Road 2125 in the OakHill community shortly after 10:35 a.m. Tuesday.

First to arrive on the scene were emergency medical servicemembers who informed responding officers the child was dead undersuspicious circ*mstances.

Incident reports stated when deputies arrived they found thechild lying on the bedroom floor and immediately knew it was ahomicide.

Investigators said the infant's head was bludgeoned, and therewere 15-20 human bite marks on the child's arms, legs, neck andchest.

Humber said investigators believe the couple began torturing thebaby Monday night.

“We believe there was about four or five rounds of abuse wherethe child was bludgeoned and bit repeatedly,” Humber said.

Texas Ranger Kenny Ray interviewed the couple who told officersseveral different stories before the mother, Carson, admitted thetruth.

Carson first told officers that they left the child alone for ashort time and when they returned someone must have entered theresidence and beaten the child.

The next story Carson told authorities was that Amora had beenin an automobile accident the day before.

The third story had it that the family dogs must have attackedthe child while they were outside.

Finally, Carson admitted to authorities that Milam had beatenthe child to death in an attempt to “exorcise the demons that wereinside the child.”

Humber said that the couple told authorities the child waspossessed by demons and they were only trying to get rid ofthem.

Officers are trying to contact the child's next of kin. Thechild's biological father, Arlen Mutina, is serving in the U.S.Army in South Korea and authorities indicated they are sending hima message through the American Red Cross near the Army base.

According to the Rusk County District Attorney's Office, thebiological father's parents live in Longview and Amora's maternalgrandmother lives in Alabama.

Milam's mother and uncle were also living in the residence wherethe murder took place. However, authorities said the two werestaying at a relative's when the murder occurred.

Both family members told authorities they saw no signs of abuseand knew nothing about the possession allegations.

However, authorities said Milam had a history of violentbehavior. In August, he was charged with aggravated sexual assaultof a child.

According to police records, Milam's victim was 14 years old andhe received probation. Milam has also been arrested forassault/family violence.

Because of the circ*mstances surround the infant's death, areaofficers and first responders plan at some point to undergo stressdebriefing.

“We haven't had time to yet but we will do something,” Humbersaid. “It was difficult to see and it has affected all of us.”

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Probe intensifies in beating death of 13-month-old (2024)


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