TOT19 - Melissa and Renee (2024)

TOT 20 – Melissa and Renee

[00:00:00] Renee: So that I feel like that would be like, Oh like, Such a good series, like for like, I dunno, SNL or like, you know, comedy central or something where it’s like not threatening stalker stereotypes where it’s like, I don’t like, I, you know, like I followed you and then I bought your coffee secrets or

Melissa: something, you know, I paid off your

Renee: mortgage.

I got you a pillow that was decorative.

Melissa: Not to smother you with it justice. So you can sleep,

Renee: put it on your couch.

Melissa: Exactly. Looking through the box. And it was cute because it had like the little booklet that talks all about the Netherlands and where like each, you know, what each candy and snack is. And then I had like a recipe for something I can’t pronounce that had like sausage in it.

And yeah, it was pretty cool. I was like, Oh, this is me. I was like, I can see why she likes this every [00:01:00] month. It’s, you know, a little taste of Europe.

Renee: Yeah. And I liked that. It’s like, you know, it makes you feel fancy a little bit. Right? Like it’s like, Oh, it’s European. They’re like, Oh, like it’s from the Netherlands.

Like, would you like to try some gourmet chip? From the Netherlands. And it’s like, it’s just potato tips,

Melissa: right? Like

Renee: it’s like, seemingly like it’s like fake bougie, right. Where you’re like

Melissa: fancy. A bag of potato chips in there that were sour cream. And I mean, but it was like, it was like home, what did it say? Not homegrown, but it was like home baked or something. And I thought, Ooh, this is nice. And Chris was like, I think they’re just our agreement.

I and potato chips. So I’m like, no, they’re

Renee: special. No they’re base and onion.

Melissa: And I ate, I ate the whole bag. Well, I’m glad you liked them. Yeah. [00:02:00] That’s an important bird.

Renee: Yeah. And all the ones that we’ve gotten so far has been really tasty, like from that series, you know?

Melissa: Yeah. And there’s how many, how many countries have you gotten them from so far?

Renee: And then we got like a holiday one, which had like, from all different countries. So that was really good. I feel like we’re digging a little bit of a promo for this one. Box sponsor universal box. Yeah. I was like, what are your subscription today? The holiday box was so delighted.

Melissa: I know. And it came with a map.

It says welcome to the Netherlands. And I mean, I’m guessing there’s more places because there’s like five, just five locations. But, but it’s cute. And more places there. Yeah. It almost looks like for kids, you know, like you know, like if you had children thank God. I don’t, but if you did, and he liked that you could have like an interactive learning, [00:03:00] educational, you know, thing, kids teaching them about different countries.

So yeah, I have the box next to me. And there was a few things in there that I couldn’t eat because of the, you know, they had wheat in them. But now that Chris was happy, he was like, mine, mine, mine.

Renee: I’m glad he liked them. Oh yeah. Yeah. I feel like, I think that’s kind of why I liked it is because it wasn’t just like snacks.

It was also like this educational thing where it was like, Oh, this is why this snack is super popular. Right. Like, Oh, you know, like the Netherlands are just known for two lips. Right. They’re also known for potato chips or whatever, you know, I dunno whatever it said on the

Melissa: booklet, but like, well, my favorite is there’s like this bag.

It says it’s a yum bag. Yeah. And it’s as full of fun and yum, and you turn on the back and it’s like two people and like a little, like a thought bubble. And it’s like a speech bubble and she’s like the yum bag. And he’s like, what’s that? [00:04:00] It’s just like a little bag full of like hard, hard candies.

But yeah, it was kind of hilarious. I was like, I feel.

Renee: It like reminds me of like a Mentos commercial, right. Where it’s like the yum bag. Like, and then it’s like people in like vaguely like early nineties outfits. Right. Like running around and smiling and like getting into these like awkward situations where it’s like, Oh no, like where are my shoes or whatever.

I don’t know.

Melissa: I’m maybe I’m like getting this confused because the nineties were a long time ago. And yeah, I think I smoked a lot of stuff during that time. Yeah. I didn’t that wasn’t that. And like the foo fighters. Why am I putting those two together? Was there a music video or were they in a Mentos commercial?

Renee: That’s a good question. I don’t know that. They were in a momentous commercial, but like some of their videos that they’ll like learn the fly that it was, [00:05:00] or like learning to fly, it was, you know, it had that like Mentos commercial field all, and they were like playing like airline. Like flight attendants.

And it was, you know, like it was a very cheesy music video, but I

Melissa: made it have

Renee: done a Mentos commercial. I could see it.

Melissa: They might’ve just, I might be thinking of like a music video where they were maybe like poking fun. At the Mentos commercial, because I want to say those commercials were popular right around the time that the food fighters were not that they’re not popular now, but you know how they were, they were constantly on, you know, MTV at the time.

And it was like they were winning all the awards and that was just what was on the radio. Yeah. They’re like maybe they were making fun of them. I don’t know. I’d have to look it up. Cause that’ll bug me. I

Renee: know. That’s like a good like trivia kind of thing. Like what late nineties, man, you know, like I think also it was inspired by mental commercial or something.


Melissa: Well, speaking of the food fighters, did you see them perform at the [00:06:00] inauguration? I

Renee: did not. How did I, I, I feel like how did I miss that? I was probably so focused on lady Gaga and you know, like Michelle Obama and the PO, you know, like college just was like in, you know, jet J-Lo and all her glory regularly.

Melissa: It was much later in the night. It was after when like Tom Hanks took the. The hosting duties? Like

Renee: Oh no, no, no offense to Tom Hanks fans out there, but

Melissa: like, no, there was a great music though. Oh, okay. Yeah, you’ll have to go back. I’m sure you could find it on YouTube. Justin Timberlake. Did a song and Katy Perry actually was actually, I mean, I’m not, I’m kind of like mixed with Katy Perry.

There’s some songs she does that I love and other stuff I’m like, eh, not really for me, but her performance was the finale of like the whole special. And they. I’ve never seen so many [00:07:00] fireworks in my life. I don’t know if you heard about the fireworks show, but yeah, no, I think, I mean, it was literally a millions of dollars or the fireworks and she was singing her songs, ironwork and this beautiful ball gown and her performance was flawless singing live.

She didn’t miss a note. Like it was really cool.

Renee: That’s how you, I saw her live. Yeah. At a lesbian gathering in Palm Springs, a gathering. I don’t know what else to call it. It’s like, it’s like spring break for lesbians, basically. I’m like, it’s a, it’s just like a giant party, like Coachella, but you know, it like.

It’s all lesbians and they like, there’s like pool parties and like white parties and, you know, musical guests and like comedians con I mean, it’s like a whole shebang, right? The year I went Katy Perry and lady Gaga both played that year. And I have to [00:08:00] say like that. Well, Hey, you’re just surrounded by lesbians anyway.

So it’s kind of a great experience, but like see, it was before both of their careers really took off, you know, it was like, I think Katie Perry was known for like, I kissed a girl. Right. And lady Gaga was just known for just stamps. I think their poker face,

Melissa: you know, like it was like, yeah, still my favorite album of hers.

I don’t care what anyone says.

Renee: So good, but they were both so amazing. I mean, like, just like. Amazing performers. Amazing talents. Like you could just tell you were watching

Melissa: like the best of the best. Yeah. Like you knew they weren’t going to be big stars at some point.

Renee: Exactly. Like I, and it was like, Oh, like you’re so talented and so good.

And like, I’m just glad I get to see you in this smaller venue before. Cause then I ended up seeing lady Gaga. Much later on. And it was like in a stadium and I was in the nosebleeds, you know, [00:09:00] like, yeah. And it was like, you know, like I think I see a spot down there that looks shiny. That might be lady

Melissa: Gaga could be watching this at home on television.

Renee: Probably get a better view, but did I ever.

Melissa: Oh, go ahead. No, I was gonna say, did I ever tell you about how I saw Juul before she was famous? No. Yeah. Long time ago. I was, God, I don’t even think I was. Illegal. I think, I think I, I know I wasn’t drinking age and I, but I think I might’ve even been like maybe 18.

I was probably 17. But yeah, I went with a coworker. I was working at like a coffee shop and she was like, Oh, there’s this folk singer, you know, that I heard about that’s, you know, playing at this. Place. And it was at the catalyst in Santa Cruz. And and this was back when the catalyst was way more low key.

I don’t know if you remember that, but I mean, if you go there now, it’s, it’s kind of like a. Dingy now it’s, it’s a dive. It’s a dive and [00:10:00] it’s got a weird Clinton tell. Now it’s taken a turn. Yeah. It’s not the greatest, but back in the day it was, you know, kind of like a hippie beatnik type of a place. And so yeah, we weren’t we went and we drove to Santa Cruz and there was like eight people in the audience.

And she, we were literally like, it was just a small little room and Cause, you know, the catalyst has like different rooms. They’d like the bigger room and it’s like a small little room and were in there. And yeah, she just was like sitting on a bar stool with her guitar. And I mean, I was probably like two feet away from her, you know, a little table.

And she was cool because she would talk in between songs, like tell stories and she was very Like engaging in that way where, you know, and she talked about being homeless and her van and stuff like that. And her and I was like, God, her voice is beautiful. And she was singing songs from pieces. The view, I guess, was the first album.

Yeah. And yeah, she had the CD out and everything to [00:11:00] buy. So I bought it and I still have that CD. And that was purchased from her

Renee: directly. Like from her hands, from Juul to Melissa with love.

Melissa: Yeah. He was really nice. And you know, of course this was before social media, this was early nineties, mid nineties.

And so you know, you couldn’t like follow up on social media or anything like that. It was just like, that was it, you know, got this and the memories. But then I want to say maybe. Like literally not long after that a few months, her song was like a hit on the radio. And I was like, Oh my God, I know that girl, I just saw her.

And there was like eight people in the audience she’s, you know, failing stadiums. So yeah,

Renee: I feel like that’s, that’s always like the dream, right. Is like getting to see someone before they really blow up. Like, like there’s something magical about like having this. Like quote, unquote, at least for me as a [00:12:00] music, family discovered someone, you know?

And like, I think about that too with comics, right? Like, right. Like when I quote unquote discovered lumbers obviously did it, there was like many people who knew about it and you know, but like, I, you know, like stumbling upon something that you like, don’t even know what you’re getting yourself into and then like, It really enjoying it genuinely because you don’t have any preconceived notions about it.

Right. And then like, And then sort of like, after the fact it becomes this like really big deal or, you know, like, and people are like, Oh, this is amazing. And you’re like, right. I knew that like, like a

Melissa: year ago. Yeah. I think in my eyes, I feel like you did discover Lumberjanes only because. I, I didn’t, I wasn’t familiar with them at all.

You know, you and I, we read, obviously we read different styles of comics. We like a lot of the same things, [00:13:00] but we definitely have our lanes of what we’re drawn to when we get, when are our comics. And so I remember, you know, going to comic con with you and Seattle and you were wearing the cosplay and you showed me the comics at your house before we left.

And I was like, Oh, this is cool. And that year they hadn’t really. Blown up quite yet. Not like it is I mean, they were still big enough to, they had their table where they were signing and things like that, but I don’t think they had a panel that year. They didn’t. Yeah. And I remember you were like, so excited to meet w which was the one that you met.

Renee: It was Shannon

Melissa: waters. You mentioned water’s. Okay. And I remember you were so excited about that and yeah. And it’s kind of interesting how life works and. Changes and stuff like that. So like that comic con I think we went to in 2018. Cause that was the year. It was like a lifetime leader. That was when I

Renee: came back to, cause

Melissa: I know, I know what, what are those again?

Renee: Like what is that? What is that life that we [00:14:00] were like going to conventions of thousands of

Melissa: people. I know, and taking selfies and like actually shaking people’s hands and like breathing all over each other. You know what I mean? Like I’m now I like, think about it and I’m like, Oh my God, I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to do that again.

I mean, or feel comfortable doing that again for a while, for a while. Yeah. You know, until we can kind of forget, I guess, or not forget it, but get out of debt readapt back to normal living. But, but yeah, so it’s kind of crazy how. You know you know, for me, for my comment, my Lumberjanes was walking dead in a sense, because I was reading, walking dead before it was a television show, like when it was first coming out and.

Like nobody. I knew, you know, except for Ben, because he’s the one to introduce me to them, but nobody else I knew, like knew anything about the walking dead. And then when the show came out, everyone was like obsessed and it was this instant success. And I actually refused to watch the show because I didn’t want it ruining my idea, you know, [00:15:00] of the characters that I had already envisioned.

So I actually didn’t start watching the walking dead till it was in its fourth season. So I like binge watched them, you know, on Netflix and then caught up to the television in real time. And you know, it was it’s good. It’s a good show. It was a good show. Well that’s another topic for another day.

It was like,

Renee: like, I feel like we could do a whole thing about walking dead. Did you, when you finally watched it, did you feel like. It’s that initial watching, right? Like obviously feelings change and whatnot. But when you first watched it, did you feel like it met what you had envisioned with the comics?

Melissa: Well, parts of it dead, like the, the cinematography, the tone of it definitely felt like a walking dead universe. Rick, you know I’m totally blanking on his name right now. And he’s super famous. The guy who plays Rick, you know, I felt like he was ripped to me. He was a good choice. And the opening scene where he wakes up in [00:16:00] the hospital and all that kind of stuff, like that seems really authentic.

And they did a pretty good job, oddly enough. And I like to state that I am a huge Jon Bernthal fan. But when I first saw him as Shane, I was like, what? Like, it was just wasn’t who I was picturing in my head. He’s such a good actor and I absolutely love him and the Punisher and I really, really, really wish that they would give him another season because he’s fantastic.

But but you know, I was just so hooked on. The comic and the visions I had in my head of like, you know, when you read a book, you, you create what you think they look like. So yeah, at first I was kind of like what, but then as the story continued and he wasn’t on it that long, obviously Yeah, I haven’t watched it.

Renee: I haven’t even watched it. And I feel like I

Melissa: know that. Yeah. So but yeah, the first initial, I mean, obviously I kept watching it cause it was like, Oh, there’s something, there’s something here. There’s something magical about this show. And then of course storylines were super way off.

Like when, when [00:17:00] they started to get to, I think it was. I think it was season two when they, when they get to the prison. And there was a character changes that were pretty drastic. And so I was like, okay, this is weird, but I just learned to separate it. And I thought, okay, well this is the show. And you know, the comics that are different.

So but anyways, but yeah, getting back to Lumberjanes though, because we You know, cause you’re such a big fan. And so we, you know, we saw them in 2018 and then we went back in 2000. Well, not 2020. We went back in 20, 19,

Renee: 19

Melissa: consecutive years, right? Oh yeah, we did because.

Renee: We were trying to be fair. We were drinking a lot at all of these events.

Melissa: Right. Yeah. So we’re getting our years mixed

Renee: up. Well, I’m drinking right now, so I might not remember all the details of all the things. Yeah.

Melissa: Actually, no, I take that back the first time you and I went together was 2017. And then we went in 2018 with my sister cause she was working for me at the [00:18:00] spa.

Remember. Yeah. Okay. And then I did,

Renee: and then I went by myself the following year.

Melissa: Yeah. Because remember I had lost my job and I was like, Oh, I can’t travel or spend money right now. And so yeah, you went 2019 and then I was so excited that we were going to go money. Yeah. Thanks.

Renee: Anyway, I’m glad you remembered. I’m glad one of us is on top of it. And thank you, Melissa,

Melissa: for being adopted. It took me a minute reached back into my brain. But yeah, there ain’t memory. What are you talking about? It’s you know, it’s fuzzy sometimes, but. But yeah, when we went back the consecutive, the next year, we took my sister with us and this time lemme jeans actually had a panel and you are brave enough to get up and ask a question.

And that was really cool. And they loved you. They were just, you know, fawning over you afterwards cause you were wearing the cosplay. Again, so that was really a fun experience. And I enjoyed [00:19:00] like watching how excited you were.

Renee: Yeah. Well, and it’s interesting too, because I thought, Oh, it’s really blown up.

Like, there’ll be tons of people in cosplay, you know, like this’ll be really, you know, and like, there was a bunch of people there, but there wasn’t a lot of cosplay. That’s always like an interest, same dynamic, right? Like the fandoms of different like worlds and, you know, comics it’s like who, you know what fandoms.

Decided to go all in on cosplay or get really good Keke

Melissa: Riverdale.

Renee: Well, yeah, we’re here Kiki about like, you know, wanting to know all the details of the publishers or, you know, like I find it interesting how fans and fandoms react to different contents, you know? It’s like one of, you know, like one of those things where it’s like, Oh, star Wars is always the big one that people, you know, it’s like the fandom game of Thrones get like, they get [00:20:00] really nitty-gritty on like, Oh, well this Thai fighter was actually an F1 sear.

You know what I mean? They get really

Melissa: down to the basics. Yeah. Nuts

Renee: and bolts of things. And. I think that’s what I appreciated about Lumberjanes is that it felt very accessible as a fan, you know, like as a comic, as a, as a, like a world as a, just like the creators felt very accessible to, you know, just in terms of their personas and when I got to meet them.

So I think that’s, you know, that’s always something that I think about, like when I’m. You know, like when I’m getting into something, right. I’m like, Oh, like who are the creators? What is this world? Like? You know, what are the fans like? I think, I think that does have an impact on how you interact with the content

Melissa: person.

Yeah. I agree. It definitely paints. Like it puts you in that. Universe and that world and [00:21:00] yeah, there’s certain fandoms, like you were saying that it go all out and, you know and they’re the most fun to watch if you’re not a cause player like me, but just like to kind of people watch when you go to comic con that’s so much fun.

That’s the best part is really. Getting to see all these elaborate costumes. And and this is a lifestyle for people. They don’t just, you know, go to the Halloween store, like they’re handcrafting their own costumes and putting so much money and work and time into them that you know, it’s, it’s fun to, to watch and take pictures and, you know, and flatter them essentially to make them feel like, you know, they’re good.

Yeah. Give him a Pat on the back, like good job. You know, that’s the fun part.

Renee: I think that’s why I appreciate it. Like the walking dead. I wrote like, even though like it, as, you know, I’m not much for scary quote unquote scary stuff, because I get nice mirrors on them. I’m like, Oh, this is too real, but I do appreciate the fan yeah.

Of the walking dead, because they do feel really like. [00:22:00] It’s passionate in this really authentic, genuine way to me, I’m like, you know, there’s like the people who love the comics and the people who love the shows and the people who go to cons and like, it just feels, it feels like that fandom, you know, really like.

Just has that genuine passion appreciate, even if it’s not my fandom. Right. Or like, yeah, no, that’s not something I’m into. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. I’m like, yes. Get

Melissa: answers on bees. They had like walking dead fans who have. Like gotten married, like met each other at a walking dead event and have fallen in love and gotten married.

So like walking dead, like literally created, you know, for romances and, and staff and families. And, you know, when I got the opportunity, very fortunate opportunity to go to the walking dead premiere at the Greek theater in 2018, I, they had this whole [00:23:00] Lake. Area and the front, like when you first walk in and they had like a bar and they make zombies walking around, it was very cool, but they have this little area where they had some of their well-known walking dead cause players like on like a little mini red carpet and yeah.

And you could kind of just like take photos with them and stuff. And there were two, a couple in particular who I think have been featured on the. Chris, Hardwick’s talking dead show and the woman dresses up as Michelle and the man dresses up like Rick and they’re actually, so they’re an example. They met at one of the walking dead events, and I guess the mutual friends were like, Oh, you guys should meet.

You look just like. You know, they look like spitting images of, of Rick and Michelle and they met and like fell in love and other married and stuff. And so they were there and it was really cute, you know, just to see how you know that you know, a fandom can also lead to, you know, finding your true love or whatever.

Renee: No, I feel like we’ve hit on [00:24:00] yet. Another spinoff series. I feel like this is just like ideas for spinoff series, right. Where it’s like, yeah, Like dating and romance through fandoms and cons. Right. Because I’m sure there’s like so many stories out there that are like, Oh, like we met at a con or like, Oh, we met through our shared love of, you know, X, Y


Melissa: Z, right.

Like mad at a D and D you know, meeting or whatever. Exactly. Yeah. I mean, I think. Yeah, I think that happens. And I hear about it too, if I’m what’s that the game, the world of Warcraft. Oh, yes. I’ve heard a lot of people have. Hooked up from that game, like, because of, you know, the fact that it’s so interactive in the sense where I guess you can, you can talk to people, you have the ad set and everything.

And yeah, I I’ve heard that people have fallen in love over. Yeah. Yeah.

Renee: Well, [00:25:00] you know, I mean, like people are dating on Tik TOK, so, you know, it’s a whole new world and like wherever you meet someone like more power to you, because I think like it just like this world is so mixed up and crazy sometimes.

And like, you know, if you can find someone and if it’s through, you know, world of Warcraft or. Hey, even call of duty. Like, you know, maybe there’s some call of duty romances out there, but you can never like. You know, like I like I’m all about it.

Melissa: Yeah. I think

Renee: like, go find, go

Melissa: find your love. Yeah. Especially nowadays too, because everything’s so, you know, the younger generations and stuff like everything’s so online now.

I mean, I remember. Okay. Like you remember too, when we were growing up or like growing up, I should say, but like late teens, early twenties, it was like weird. If like for online dating was like, Oh, your parents would be like, you can’t go online dating. You’re [00:26:00] going to get killed by a serial killer or something.

It was like the most taboo thing to do. It just was not cool. Everyone was like, Oh, you’re desperate if you’re online dating or, and now it’s different. I was like,

Renee: yeah, it was like taking out. A personals ad, which like, who don’t know that, right? Like it’s like there’s actual newspaper ads, like the classified

Melissa: ads explain to the audience.

So what a newspaper is now for those centers, certain age. Yeah. You

Renee: know, like, and it was like, You know, like get a job in sales, like, Oh, date me, I’m single, right. Like, yeah. Yeah. Oh, I forgot. There was like a whole movie

Melissa: about it. Yeah. A single white female, I think, or something. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a, it’s just ironic, I guess.

Ironic. I don’t know if that’s the right word, but interesting that, you know, [00:27:00] this whole thing about online dating was. It was such a, like a no-no like, it was like, don’t do it. And now it’s just the way that I think, you know, people, you know, that’s how they meet people and, and you and I we’ve been in relationships for 10 plus years.

So we didn’t, I mean, I know personally I never did anything like that because it wasn’t really around when I was, when I first met Chris and So, yeah, I never got into any of that, but it’s fun to hear the stories of friends though, that are doing it. Yeah.

Renee: I, I was thinking about that and I was like, if I was single now, right.

Like for some reason I would have to like, There’s not really other options, right. Like, right. It’s almost like you would have to do online dating, but then I think like, Oh, maybe I’ll just like lean into the fandoms more. Yeah. Right. Like I’m like, I’m sure I could find someone through like, or not. I’m sure.

Melissa: Pandemic. I would just say you go to a bar [00:28:00] like we used to do in the old days.

Renee: He all the names. When we went to the bar number bars to drinks and met people in real life,

Melissa: there was this thing called happy hour and it actually magical places. Happy hour. That existed actually at five o’clock now happy hour is whenever the f*ck I decide.

Renee: Yeah. It’s like, I think I had a happy hour at two o’clock today. And then I was like, had a little break and then another happy hours, but

Melissa: you know, you gotta mix it up, right? Yeah, no, there was, yeah. I tend to start. Yeah. Between probably two and three now. Yeah.

Renee: Yeah. So get up earlier

Melissa: now, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Renee: I’m still going to bed at 4:00 AM. Holding it down for the 4:00 AM the last two nights. And I’m like, Renee, really? Like, I’m jealous that you’ve got to go to bed

Melissa: earlier, [00:29:00] but I just can’t keep my eyes open anymore past like one.

Renee: Oh, I it’s, because I’m like I’ve dealt as, you know, I’ve delved into all these like Asian dramas and

Melissa: things like getting banned from Twitter,

Renee: getting banned from Twitter.

I mean, there’s just a lot going on in there, but it’s interesting. Cause it’s, they’re all, a lot of the shows that I’m watching are based on like these like manga Monga

Melissa: comments

Renee: that are like that are. Basically they’re called boy love or yellowy genres. Right. And so it’s funny cause like I’m going on this deep dive of all the TV shows of these comics, essentially, you know, and I like, Oh Renee, like you love comics.

You need to go and read the source material for all these TV shows. So now that’s my new, late night project will be to start reading all [00:30:00] the like novels and the comics drinking the Kool-Aid. Oh, I am so in the cooler, but it’s actually, it’s really interesting. Cause it’s like, you know, I feel like that, that genre of comics, just Japanese anime and manga, you know, it’s like that all is just a whole nother world that I don’t know a lot about.

So it’s really fun to, I think, explore like a new

Melissa: genre, right.

Renee: Like, you know, medium of something you already like, so I’m excited about it. Well, there’s the, does it does keep me up till four

Melissa: there’s, one. There’s so much content out there and, you know, we can get into ruts. You know, and got sick of the same kind of thing.

There were, I mean, there was the whole few weeks stretch where I didn’t turn the TV on at all, because I was just over it. Like, you know, I’ve binge watched. I dunno how many television shows. [00:31:00] And and unless it’s like one of my favorites that I’m like, well, you know, waiting for them to come back with another season or something, I just, I got so sick of just hurting new shows and, you know, every time you turn on Facebook, someone’s recommending another show and it’s like, well, that’s great, but I was getting burned out.

So instead I was just, you know, reading more, writing more and. Like just spending waste of time on the internet, you know, looking up random, random things researching

Renee: books, right? How is your writing going these days? It’s

Melissa: going really good.

Renee: You’ve just put out like a bunch of books. First of all, like you’re just like, you know, just like a machine in terms of the amount of work you’re putting out right

Melissa: now.

Yeah. I, well, Cool. A cool thing happened, obviously. So I, well, you know, I have the books with city I’ll press and I have one complete series out with them and then I’ve got smoking ritual, which is the first book of a trilogy. Second is coming out [00:32:00] April 20th. It’s called spark. Okay. I remember.

Renee: It’s my favorite of all your work since that?

I think so. I’m so excited for the second book. I’m like any

Melissa: day now. Yeah. I mean, it’s written, it’s done. It’s been edited. You know, you’ve seen the cover. I think I posted the cover on social media and yeah, it’s basically now just in like the formatting stages. You know, getting the final touches and then yeah, April 20th is what I was told is when it coming out.

So if you like smoking ritual, you’re going to love spark and Ember. It’s definitely, you know, more, more of everything. More action, more romance, more. Doom and gloom, as far as, you know, my dark Gothic, urban fantasy side really comes out in this one and there’s new locations, you know, I love world buildings.

So I’ve created some new magical areas that they’re going to explore. So if you like it, or if you like the first one, you’ll like this one. So and then the third one, [00:33:00] I’ll start writing. Towards the end of this year, because I have a couple of other projects that I’m working on for my self publishing series which I’m almost done with the sequel to that one.

I’ve on a crunch

Renee: deadline. I read the first chapter of the first book of that series had immediately started blushing. And I was like, I was like, okay. Okay, well, no, so it’s a hot series. Let’s just say

Melissa: that. Yeah. I took a different direction with this series, which just another genre I wanted to explore.

So, you know, it falls into the category of paranormal romance because you know, one of the main characters is vampire and it is called the immortal billionaires series. So each. Book is going to feature a different couple. The female characters will always be human and the males are the immortals. And so it is tactically paranormal romance, but it does, it reads a lot like contemporary and in when I say contemporary, I don’t mean [00:34:00] like traditional or sweet.

I mean, just like modern setting. Romance is the main focal point. Not so much. You know, like in my other books, it’s, it’s more about like the adventure and the fantasy and magic. So yeah, the series is. It’s steamy. It’s

Renee: the romance part.

Melissa: Yeah. Let’s just say it’s I want it that movie 365 days with McKayla Maroney.

And I was like, Oh yeah, I think I need to write some books. Kind of like with this type of town, this is cool, but make him a vampire. He would’ve been so much cooler if he was a van buyer.

Renee: I feel like if you could, you would make everyone a vampire. I really

Melissa: would. I really would. I want to make the costume.

The Riverdale vampires, all the walking

Renee: dead folks are now vampires. Oh my God. Yes.

Melissa: The vampire he imagined Ms. Shone is a vampire with her Katana sword. I’ll be amazing. But yeah, as I’m hard hard at work, trying to get this CQL out. It’s called after I break. [00:35:00] And this one is about an incubus, you know, who is basically yeah.

Sex demon and the female is I already was Piper and they are both artifact hunters. So it has somewhat of a tomb Raider vibe to it. And yeah, I’m a writer, tomb,

Renee: Raider meets sex, right? Like

Melissa: tomb, Raider meets 50 shades of gray. But with which

Renee: I feel like. I feel like that would like that alone sells it.

Right? Like I’m like so many people would love that.

Melissa: I hope so. Because it’s coming out in may.

Renee: You’re like, so get it now. Yeah. Pretty happy today.

Melissa: Yeah. And that series is going to be four bucks as far as I know. Wow. Yeah. Four couples.

Renee: Can you allude to what the other couples are? Are you allowed to say

Melissa: that or is it yeah.

So book, sorry is going to be called after I run. And the main character, the [00:36:00] male character is a werewolf. And yeah, and he is actually in book one as the vampire Ozzie’s best friend. His name is Cassius and he’s a, so he features in that. So there’s an underlying current in all in the, in the series.

So each book as a standalone, they all have happy ending. I have to guarantee happy ending because it’s romance and that’s just the, that’s just the, the industry standard. I’m going to write a romance novel. You have to give it a, a happy ending. Otherwise you’re gonna have a lot of pissed off readers, so they definitely all have happy endings and each one can be read as a standalone, but there is an undercurrent of a plot that goes through the whole series that will be resolved completely in book four.

Got it. So so book three is Cassius and a girl named Harley and they it’s an enemies to lovers. You know, they can’t stand each other. She’s a computer hacker and she’s been trying to infiltrate their [00:37:00] accounts and they don’t know why or who she works for. So he kind of captures her in a sense.

To try to get information out of her to figure out why she’s messing with their business and stuff like that. And you know, eventually they learn to like each other and you know, the rest is history from there.

Renee: I have to say, I love the enemies to lovers trope, right? Like that’s one of my favorite sort of like romance Well, you know, I don’t know, like stereotypes or plot devices or whatever tropes.

Yeah. It really is like, so fun to read. Like I hate you. I hate me too. I love you.

Melissa: I love you. Good. It’s great. It’s fun to write too, because you have you have like Whittier dialogue that you can do, you know? And I love banter. So when you have all this like frustration and axed and sexual tension, The writing is, can be a lot more fun than like the sweet stuff.

Like, I mean, I [00:38:00] like the sweet stuff too, and I like the emotional breakthroughs, but I love writing the like, no, f*ck you. No, f*ck you. Okay. Crispy. You know what I mean? Just like yeah, it’s a great it’s a great trope and I think. A lot of people like that trope actually, it’s got a lot of fans, so yeah.

Yeah, for

Renee: sure. Yeah. Do you find that the romance world is like the fans are a little more hardcore?

Melissa: I feel like they’re, they’re more voracious as far as they like a lot of romance readers will. Read 30 bucks a week. Like they just eat. Oh, wow. Yeah. If they find an author that they, like, you better have a backlash because they want to read all of your stuff and they are, yeah.

They, they read everything and you know, there’s a lot of sub. Genres and romance and, and lots of different ones. I mean too many to list, but, and a lot of people have like their favorites, you know, as far as like, there’s like the bully romance, there’s reverse harem, there’s Academy, [00:39:00] paranormal romance. But I think the average romance reader will pretty much read all of the genres or all the sub genres if they like the writing style and the author.

So that’s a little bit different, whereas an urban fantasy. I feel like people are a little bit not pickier, but just more urban fantasy books can be. I don’t know what’s the word is, I feel like you have to be somewhat established or you have to have like a good following. Whereas I feel like there’s more opportunities if you’re newbie and in like romance to like, for people to give you a chance, if that makes sense, I feel like I’ve just had a lot more success and this could be because I’ve just been doing this for a couple of years now.

And maybe my, my books they’re being recognized, but I feel like I’ve had a lot more success with after I fall, then. I have with some of my previous books that were just mostly urban fantasy, but. We are in a pandemic and people are [00:40:00] responding differently to what they want to binge watch or binge read.

And there’s a lot of people that are by themselves and are lonely. And that’s why shows or movies like 365 days are doing so well because of that intense romance aspect that people are craving. And I think that could be why, you know, there might be a surge in readership for sexier books or, you know what I mean?

Or I can just any idea what I’m doing. I opinion, I

Renee: guess. Yeah. I think, I think you’re right though. Cause I think if I, if I think about the people I know who read romance, right. Versus the people I know who read fantasy or sci-fi right. It’s less likely. That you’re going to have, you know fantasy or urban fantasy person have, you know, multiple copies of [00:41:00] multiple books from, you know, three different, three or four different authors on their shelves.

Versus when I think about romance readers, right? I see them sort of having like a hundred books from the same author and 100 books from the other author. And. You know, just really, like you said, that like really consuming a lot. And I, and I think that’s part of the romance genre, right. Is, you know, people get into it because they want something that’s easy to read, easy to get through.

Makes them feel good. Yeah, right. Like I’m not, I’m not reading romance novels so that I can like be thinking,

Melissa: right. Like, this

Renee: is a really interesting world building over here and I have the plot, the subplot and plot really interact. Right? Like, that’s not why I’m reading romance. I’m reading the romance for the two main characters usually to, you know, really like have chemistry often.

And [00:42:00] so I think, I don’t think you’re. Far off in that. And, and I think, especially during COVID, when we’re so separate from all the people we love and just like the human connection, I can definitely see, you know, romance. I mean, you know, like what’s one of the number one things on Netflix right now.

Melissa: Exactly. God, I know. I was, I knew there was another shot I was trying to bring out. Prove my point. And I couldn’t think of that. I’m like, I just keep thinking of 365 days and I need to get that out of my head. But anyway,

Renee: but I mean, like, I think you’re not wrong that people are looking for. You know, sort of things that make them like it’s, it’s a, it’s like a form of escapism in a way.

Exactly romance

Melissa: does that really well? Exactly. Yeah. No, I agree. A hundred percent. I don’t think you’re wrong and I love, and I love reading both, to be honest. Like right now, I’m in the Headspace of this bromance series. And so I’m like really [00:43:00] into it, but I also love writing my straight up hardcore fantasy and urban fantasy.

I want to, you know, I have a lot of different ideas coming up, so hopefully I can. Once I I’m done with writing this series, I might do something that’s more like Southern Gothic, a little more horror involved lesser amounts, you know, and more about like the actual mystery or the magic, or, you know, the enemy, the villain, whatever.

Cause I do, I like writing both and I feel like I take the other thing about romance is there are quicker reads as far as the word count is shorter. It doesn’t have to be. I know a lot of romance writers that do write, you know, really long 90,000 word books, but on average, most of the romance books I read and write are Are shorter books, like 55 to 60,000 words.

Whereas my fantasy books tend to be like more 80, 90,000 words. And there’s like you were saying about world building. There’s so much world building. And I like to create [00:44:00] worlds from scratch and blend them into like real-world locations. So that alone just takes up, you know, a month of my time of outlining and thinking up names and, you know, I mean, for blood and magic, I created a book of spells and.

Created all these spells that were in Latin. So I had to research how to speak Latin and you know, it just, it turns into a very long process. Whereas with romance, you still do a little bit of world-building as far as, you know, setting like basic scenes and telling and everything, but it’s mostly just about the romance and the dialogue and the conflict and and the resolution.

And so I feel like I can write those books a lot quicker.

Renee: Yeah. It, do you feel like. That you, you know, obviously you Excel in everything you do, I’m your friend. And I know that like you, do you feel like you, you know, like your world-building is one of your strengths or do you feel like [00:45:00] writing for that chemistry or that like relationship is more one of your strengths?

Melissa: That’s a good question. I think, I think that when I, I think it’s become. A little bit of both. Actually, when I first started writing, I really felt like personally that I sucked at world-building and I felt like I just couldn’t articulate what I wanted to set the scene and, you know, like I just really didn’t.

So anyways, I took a lot of classes and I read a lot of books and, and kept practicing. And it’s something that I’ve gotten really. Good at, in my opinion I don’t know if anyone else will agree with me, but I personally think that I’ve gotten better at it. And I really like, I love world-building now.

And I feel like I did a pretty good job of that with smoking ritual. And I expand on that in the second book. But then one of the things I was always really strong with in the beginning was dialogue and connections between the characters and giving the [00:46:00] characters each their own unique voice so that you didn’t get confused.

You know, when you’re reading a book and you’re like, wait, who is just talking? And you have to kind of read back and be like, Oh, okay. I was really conscious of that and I didn’t want that to happen. So I really spent a lot of time with the characters before I wrote for them. I mean, I, I spent five years writing blood and magic.

And so I felt like dialogue was really, really my strong suit. Whereas world building, I was like lacking and now I feel like I’ve brought the world building up and yeah, that’s kind of, I don’t know if that makes

Renee: sense. Yeah, no, for sure. I think as an actor I can relate to that. Right. Because that’s something I do a lot is create backstories for characters.

Right. And like, I’m like, Oh, you know, like, That’s where having a character, having a unique voice can really come in handy. Right? Cause you’re like, Oh, what, what is the motivation of this character? And like, and you know, that’s something. [00:47:00] That I could see you doing really well, too,

Melissa: so well, thank you.

Renee: Yeah. I mean, and I’ve also already booked, so, you know, spoiler alert.

Yeah. It’s funny. It’s funny though, that you say you don’t think world building is your, was your strong suit because I feel like blood and magic was such an interesting world and you know, the idea behind it was so. Unique and like, I, I read a lot of fantasy and I hadn’t seen. You know that, that iteration of it.

So, so it’s funny that you say that because I’m like, I thought that was one of the strongest points of like, not just, you know,

Melissa: and what I, to clarify. I mean, I did, by the time it went to publication, I was satisfied with it. It was just the, the original, I mean, I wrote. That was the first book I ever wrote.

The first novel. I ever sat down to actually write, I mean, I’ve been writing my whole life poetry songs, short stories, but that was the first full length novel. Took me five [00:48:00] years. I can’t even tell you how many drafts I wrote. I know you read some early, early drafts. I was like emailing you pages.

And I was like, tell me if this sucks or not. But I think it was just early on. And then once I got my contract with my publisher and I got an editor and went through revisions is when I really tightened it up. And then by book two, I felt like, okay, I’ve established this world. So when I wrote flesh and bone, I, I only took me two months to write it.

Because I had, you know, done the world-building and then expanded on it. And then. Continue to expand on it and gods and demons, and then obviously spoken ritual as a spinoff from that whole world. So the world built and just kept getting better and better and better. But but yeah, so it was just like, when I was, before I was actually published and I was writing all these drafts, I was really just didn’t know how to do it, you know, and you don’t know how to do it until you do.

And that’s kind of, of a weird thing to

Renee: say, no, I feel like a lot [00:49:00] of. You know, creators out there could really relate to that because one, one of the advice that you hear, or one of the most common pieces of advice that you hear from, you know, writers or, you know, artists of any kind, it’s like just start doing it, right?

Like just do it and start writing and start creating. And you won’t know how to do it and you won’t, you know, like you’ll, you’ll, you’ll be unsure, but the only way you’ll get sure is by doing it more. So I think that’s really relatable.

Melissa: Exactly. Yeah. And then by the time smoking ritual, I got to smoking ritual.

I was able to Get, you know, a fantasy map by Nate Taylor in the book. And that was really cool to be able to see my world drawn out on, on paper and That was like a dream come true. I still can’t believe he said yes to do it.

Renee: It was like, it was a pinch me moment. I know. Well, and I feel like you’ve had a lot of [00:50:00] pinch me moments since, right.

Like getting to interview, you know, Dacre Stoker and like just what you’ve done in those books. Right. Like you’ve gotten to interview some of the people that influenced you. So

Melissa: yeah. Yeah, Dacre Stoker was amazing. And then like, he was the first one interview I did for spoiler country. And that was, yeah, I was such a dream come true.

I couldn’t believe I was actually talking to, you know, this not just, just well accomplished author, but also like be, you know, descendant of direct descendant of Bram Stoker. So that was really, really cool. And then I got to interview Merita, VOI, VOD Crandall, who wrote the vampire new Orleans vampires history and legend book, and has a speakeasy and a vampire boutique and a vampire cafe in Orleans.

Renee: And you have to go to, because it’s like your alter ego in new Orleans, [00:51:00] did she basically. See you. And I was like, I will do what Melissa wants to do in new Orleans. I was like,

Melissa: get out of town. Right? Like literally everything she owns is like, Oh, I could totally do that. I wish I could see myself owning a speakeasy or a, or a cafe.

And yeah. And she was such a nice lady, like, just so sweet and just some really cool. I can’t wait for the, I think the episode comes out next week. She just told me some cold ghost stories, told me a very creepy that she also writes about in her book. But about her encounter with whom she does believe was an actual empire.

Yeah. It’s really interesting. She’s a really prolific writer. And her and Dacre Stoker are our friends and he did the, the forward in her buttocks. So it did kind of come full circle with that. That was really interesting because I didn’t know that he did the forward before I bought the book. So I was like, Whoa, okay.

Coincidence, or, you know,

Renee: fate or fate. I, I think [00:52:00] it’s funny because like, you know, we talk about this a lot, right? Like that, like you, you know, and I feel like I almost want to like. Bring it all back to like Ben, our mutual friend who like, you know, like ended up making us be friends. Right? Yeah. And then he worked at a comic store and like goddess and all these comics.

And then, you know, like that. You know, a little bit later got us to go into Comicons. Right. And then Comicons led to, you know, you meeting the guys at spoiler country and you know what I mean? Like, right. And then you were like writing a book and then you’re interviewing people about vampires and like, You know, it’s just, it’s so interesting to me, like how you never know what is going to set you on a path and like you’re so on that path right now.

And I’m just like, as your friend, like, I’m like, well, I am a fan, but like my gosh is your friend. [00:53:00] Right? Like, I’m like, it’s just so cool to see you doing all that and like getting to have these

Melissa: experiences. So

Renee: before, like I’m just gushing again, claws.

Melissa: I love it. No, I, and I, and thank you for your support and like for listening to my podcast episodes, you know, I think it’s, it’s great.

Like, you know, and my mom and my sister and my dad, you know, every time I have an episode out, you guys climb around to listen to it. So, you know, that makes me feel good. And yeah, it’s just, no, that’s been really fun. I’ve been enjoying you know, doing this because obviously. You know, life changed for everybody last March and our last February.

And I was so bombed about not being able to go to Seattle and go to comic con with you. And then yeah, I met. I met Kendrick and John and Jeff because of that, you know, so definitely things do, you know, ends up working out some way or another, I [00:54:00] think for the best or for the way they’re supposed to happen, I guess, for your life.

And like you said, it sets you on a different path and yeah, we just had kept in contact. Pretty much all summer until Kenrick finally, you know, asked me if I wanted to be a part of the show. And that was awesome. Cause they’re just a great group of guys for one, we just have a lot of fun, like behind the scenes, like in our group chats.

And but I’ve just had this cool opportunity to, to meet so many great artists and creators and. You know, when you’re in quarantine it’s, it’s nice to hear what other people are going through and what they’re doing and what they’re working on. And everyone’s just trying to create right now to get their work out there and to entertain the masses essentially, you know?

Renee: Yeah. And, and I think, you know, that’s. I like living vicariously through you. I’m getting to hear about all this great stuff. And I’m like, you know, I’m like, Ooh, I want to check that out. Like I listen to the podcast and I’m like, Oh, I want to check that out. And [00:55:00] I wanna check that out. And so, you know, like there’s been a positive thing that’s come out of, you know, COVID in 2020 is just, you know, getting.

Getting to explore all this amazing, you know, all these amazing artists and creators through you, who you are also are a creator. Thanks. It’s been fun.

Melissa: Yeah. It has been a lot of that. Yeah. And I’m, I’m learning about. You know, stuff I never knew about like, you know, had an entire conversation with Zach Thompson about Metta fiction.

I had no idea what matter fiction was. I was like, please tell me. Okay. Yeah. And I’m learning I’m discovering new comic books, you know, that I. You know, before in my previous bubble or my previous world that I was living in just didn’t have access to, or just wasn’t aware of, you know damn algorithms.

So now I’m getting to like, you know, discover things, you know, cool comics that I might not have known about beforehand. So that’s, part’s been really fun. And then getting to talk [00:56:00] to creators who are also making social change, you know, through their Through their work and creating a platform using their platform, I should say to amplify you know, LGBTQ and POC voices.

And so that’s been really cool to be able to give them our platform, to showcase their work and their message and stuff. That’s been really fun.

Renee: Do you say that point? You know, I know all your interviews are your

Melissa: favorite,

Renee: but I do. I’m curious, is there one that really stands out to you or one that you, you know, when you look back, you’re like, Oh, I really appreciated what that person said about X, Y, or Z.

And, you know, we know every interview was wonderful and every guest you’ve ever

put like no shade on anyone, I swear.

Melissa: Yeah, I think there’s, I mean, there’s definitely some that stand out. Just based on, I think like connection as far as [00:57:00] like the vibe and the, the way the conversation went. I really, really enjoy talking to Laila searches from your favorite Lumberjanes. She was just.

Awesome. We just hit it off right away. And and yeah, that was, that was just such a great interview, just to hear her talk about. You know, being confident enough to come out in, you know, comics as transgender and just like not, you know, let it deter her from, you know, her writing and her dreams and and just, you know, everything she’s accomplished in her life before and after and currently so she was just a really lovely person.

Till, you know, just a really good person. So I really enjoyed that one. And what

Renee: else stands out?

Melissa: Let’s see Kwanzaa, Oh, such a foe was so intelligent. So prolific just really well spoken. He has a comic book called black [00:58:00] and it is sat in a world where only black people have super powers. And so it was this where you were telling me about that.

I mean, the art is gorgeous. He actually described. His art as, or not his art, the artist, almost like the influences of like Banksy. Yeah, just really interesting guy. Very, very smart. And nice and just fun. And yeah, we just had a really great shot and I really liked him a lot. I don’t know why he just sticks out a lot for me.

Who else? I mean, there’s been so many I don’t want to. Yeah.

Renee: To that, to that point, I guess, do you have any upcoming podcasts? Or interviews that you want to share

Melissa: or talk about? Well, I’m trying to think. Yeah, I actually, I, you know, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the publishers from scout comics, Charlie Stickney, and we’ve kept in contact and he has set us up with some of his artists and [00:59:00] creators for their upcoming comic book releases.

And I’m getting to talk to. One of them. Her name is Syeda Wolf and she is only 17 years old. Oh my gosh. And she has no,

Renee: what was I doing when I was 17? Nothing that’s amazing.

Melissa: Sneaking out of the house was what I was doing 17 and is debuting, you know, a comic book. I believe it’s coming out this month or.

Or next month I have to double check my calendar. But but yeah, so I’m really excited to, to talk to her. And and then I have a couple other creators from a scout that I’m going to be talking to later in the month. And then we’re just trying to line up you know, more people. And so, you know, I get it in my head.

And then I want some, you know, want to interview someone. And so we’ll ask Jeff and, you know, be like, Hey, can you try and get so and so, and you know, sometimes we get rejected [01:00:00] and other times they say yes, so that’s always fun when I like jump for joy. When they say yes, that’s always exciting. Yeah. But

Renee: I feel like that’s like the name of the game, right?

Like, you know, you’re going to write something and sound. People are going to publish it and some aren’t and you know, you’re going to do podcasts and some people say yes, and some people say no, so yeah. It’s all

Melissa: part of it. I feel like the hardest ones to get are actors actually. Oh, interesting. Yeah.

If they’re, if they’re really big, You know, like kind of, you know, famous, I guess like if they’re at a certain level of fame we it’s harder to get them. They, they, we always get the standard. Oh, so-and-so is not taking interviews at this time, which like, I I’m fine. Then I’m like, I’ll see them do an interview like the next day.

And I’m like, wait a minute.

Renee: It is COVID like, what else are you doing? I’m sorry.

Melissa: You doing exactly? Exactly right. Yeah. So but yeah, I feel like, okay,

Renee: we’ll respect their [01:01:00] process.

Melissa: I think it’s more of like, You know, unfortunately there’s some people that just want to know how many followers you have, you know, how many lists before they will agree to on the show.

And then, I don’t know, I’ve been told by, by Jeff that like, there has been a few people that like insisted on getting paid to do it. And we’re like, no, we don’t, we’re not getting paid. Like you’re not going to get paid. This is us promoting you, giving you free promo. Yeah. So but I mean, it’s been a great, I mean, for the most part, I would say.

Like the people that I have Mo 50% of the people that I’ve wanted have said. Yes.

Renee: Nice. Yeah.

Melissa: That’s awesome. Yeah. And a couple of people actually, I reached out to on my own just through like family connections and stuff like that, so,

Renee: yeah. Yeah. Oh, that’s so cool. Well, I have to get going, sorry. Actually, I feel like I mismanaged my time a little bit.

Like I have another thing I have

Melissa: to go to. Oh, [01:02:00] geo. Now, what do you got going on?

Renee: I have a COVID hangout on zoom, like hanging out with friends on zoom room. Cause that’s what we’re all doing these days.

Melissa: All that I know, that’s all we do is zoom and FaceTime and Skype and text.

Renee: Yeah. It’s like. This is, this is my weekly hangout time.

So yeah.

Melissa: Well, thanks for chatting with me. And I know I

Renee: had such a great time and thanks for letting me

Melissa: chat with you, please.

Renee: I feel like I want to do this again, but like at 1:00 AM, we both had a lot of wine.

Melissa: Totally do

Renee: that. I don’t like just like, let it really all out because I feel like we

Melissa: have a lot to say.

Yeah, we can have like Rosa with Renee. Yes, yes.

Renee: Coming soon though. I kind of get so. It should be like Merlow with Melissa

Melissa: or am I got at [01:03:00] where I am actually drinking real low right now? No, you’re not. I am. Yeah. I don’t drink it often, but I’m con Winfred on a lead drinking. Merlow right now it’s their psychic, I asked friend connection.

That’s the friend connection.

Renee: That’s right. Well, this was so wonderful. Thank you so much. Cause I had such a great time and I hope I can’t wait to hear more podcasts and more updates from you because you’re doing amazing things

Melissa: and just really excited for it. And I can’t wait to see you. I was like

Renee: in verse nine in the flesh?

Yes, it’ll happen. All right. All right. Talk to you later.

Melissa: Okay. All right. You too.

Renee: Bye.

TOT19 - Melissa and Renee (2024)


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